Sinus infection symptoms and not a cold - she was right.

She tried to get me to go to the doctor.  My wife was sure I was experiencing sinus infection symptoms, I thought I just had a nasty cold.

Hey, I'm a guy - I liked to think I was tough and didn't need to go see the doctor for some little inconvenient cold.  But that little "cold" just wouldn't go away, and it had me worn out.  My mornings would be pretty good, but in the afternoon, evening and at night I just wanted to rest.

After begin miserable for about two weeks, I finally quit being so macho (stupid) and went to see the doctor.  The doctor told me I had a sinus infection, and a pretty bad one at that.  

The doctor wondered why I had waited so long to come see him.  I didn't really have a good answer and I felt pretty foolish for letting it go so long - letting it get so much worse.

It's true that "pride comes before the fall".  

The doctor also seemed to be quite impressed with my deviated septum, which I now know has greatly increased my chances of getting sinus infections.  He wasn't quite as impressed with my delay in coming to see him.

Sinus infections cause swelling in the nasal cavities caused by bacterial infections.  The swelling in the sinuses and the air being trapped in the nasal cavities lead to many uncomfortable, if not miserable symptoms, like:

Having sinus congestion 
Having a sinus headache
Feeling tired a lot of the time
Feeling pretty good one minute, and then horrible a few minutes later
A nasty greenish yellow drainage down your throat
Having a night time cough
Possibly having a fever

Since it's not unusual for colds to lead to sinus infections, you may feel like you were getting rid of your cold, and then you start feeling bad again.  This is a pretty good sign that sinus infection symptoms are sure to follow.

The usual course of treatment for sinus infections is getting a per scription for antibiotics.  Just be careful, if you are prone to sinus infections like me, antibiotics may not the best way to go. 

Running to the doctor for a prescription every time there is a hint of sinus infection symptoms may lead to the overuse of antibiotics, reducing their effectiveness.

For me, there are natural ways to get relief from sinus infection symptoms, without having to turn to antibiotics.

But if those sinus infection symptoms just won't go away, listen to your wife, swallow your pride and go see a doctor.



    Hi, my name is Mike.

    Unfortunately, I have a fair amount of personal experience with sinus infections.  Wow - what a great thing to know about :-)  In my earlier days I suffered from a deviated septum, a broken nose.  I went to the doctor because I knew I had a broken nose.  After looking at me the doctor said that I did not have a broken nose. Well a few years after that I started suffering from horribly bad colds - I didn't know they were sinus infections.  Anyway, I have learned how to identify sinus infection symptoms and how to deal with them over the years.  I hope something I share here may help you.


    September 2007


    Sinus Infection Symptoms