Kids and School - Sinus Infection Symptoms Breeding Ground

Wow, what a summer.  We had a great and healthy summer.  Not one of us had any sort of cold, flu, sinus infection or anything related - nothing! It was great.

But then school started.  We are now two weeks into the school year and 3 out of the 4 of us have had at least one cold.  I think I've actually had two colds, but thankfully no sinus infections.  

It's amazing how healthy we all were until the kids got back into school.

Public schools are a breeding ground for colds and flus, a petri dish for every little nasty thing that your kids will bring home to give to you.  

The sad thing is, you can do all the right things to stay healthy and keep your kids healthy.  But you have no control over what other kids bring to school, so you just better plan on having some colds and flus throughout the school year.

I've heard that every public school child will catch five to eight colds every year.  If you are prone to sinus infections, that's five to eight possible chances to get a sinus infection during the school year.

It's really no wonder that kids are the most effective carriers of viruses and bacteria.  Have you ever watched a 5 - 10 year old when they have a cold?  

As much as you try to instruct them that they need to cover their mouth when they sneeze, or cough, and wash their hands often - you know they're just not going to do it.  

They touch everything in site, put things in their mouths that they shouldn't, and help spread viruses like crazy.

It's just not in the DNA of kids to think healthy, or to think prevention.

So, if your kids are in school and you haven't had a cold yet, get ready - the germs will be coming home with your kids soon!

Get the humidifier out, and get it cleaned up.  Get that nasal spray ready, get into the habit of washing your hands regularly.

Start watching those kido's for sneezing, running noses, coughing and all those nasty signs that indicate that those other public school kids have now infected your precious little ones.

And when you get that cold, which you will, be ready to jump into action at the first signs of those sinus infection symptoms.